Destinations with Trip Itineraries

Escorted Group Tours

In-depth Experience Tours and Short Encounter Breaks

  • Escorted by Patrick Syder FRGS
  • Scheduled departure date
  • Minimum group size of 5 passengers
  • Maximum group size of 11 passengers


Tailored Private Group Tours & Bespoke Trips for Individuals

  • Escorted by Patrick Syder FRGS or a specialist local guide
  • Flexible travel dates
  • Bespoke itinerary to suit
  • Minimum group size of 2 passengers
  • Maximum group size of 14 passengers
AFRICA Algeria Roman Algeria (10 days)
Ethiopia Easter Festival & Historic Abyssinia (15 days)
Ghana Ashanti Kingdom Festivals Tour (13 days)
Madagascar Africa’s Island Gem (14 days)
Morocco Imperial Cities and Desert Kasbahs (10 days)
Namibia Africa’s Hidden Gem (17 days)
Sudan Royal Cities of the Nile (9 days)
Tunisia Ancient Carthage & Desert Oases (11 days)
MIDDLE EAST Jordan Highlights of the Hashemite Kingdom (8 days)
Oman Jewel of Arabia (9 days)
Turkey Treasures of Ancient Lycia (8 days)
Istanbul and the ancient Aegean (8 days)
Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan In Search of Tamerlane (15 days)
Uzbekistan Fabled Cities of the Silk Road (15 days)
ASIA Bhutan Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon (13 days)
Burma The Golden Land (13 days)
Cambodia Heritage of the Khmer Empire (12 days)
Indonesia Highlights of Java and Bali (15 days)
Ladakh The Heavenly Kingdom (12 days)
Japan Land of the Rising Sun (15 days)
Laos Spirit of Laos (15 days)
Laos and Angkor, Cambodia The Jewels of Indo-China (11/17 days)
Mongolia Land of Genghis Khan (13 days)
Nepal Kingdom of the Majestic Mountain (11 days)
Rajasthan India’s Golden Triangle (15 days)
Sri Lanka Buddha’s Isle (11 days)
Vietnam and Cambodia Ancient Kingdoms of Indo-China (18 days)
EUROPE Albania with Lake Ohrid (FYROM)
Land of Eagles (11 days)
Armenia and Georgia East of Byzantium (15 days)
Bulgaria Europe’s Secret Treasure (11 days)
Croatia with Slovenia Treasures of Istria (10 days)
Greece Classic Sites of the Ancient Greeks (11 days)
Kingdom of Alexander (9 days)
Minoan Islands of Santorini and Crete (8 days)
Italy Puglia and Basilicata (10 days)
Charming Tuscany (9 days)
Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia The Baltic Capitals (9 days)
North Cyprus Castles, Abbeys and Ancient Sites (8 days)
Poland Churches, Castles and Palaces (9 days)
Sicily The Classical Isle (9 days)