LITHUANIA, LATVIA and ESTONIA – The Baltic Capitals

Thank you Patrick. You didn’t have to return the deposits, but I am very grateful that you have. They will go back into the travel kitty, and hopefully make their way back to Syder Travel before too long.

C. McEachran, Edinburgh (had to cancel her booking to the Baltics)

GREECE – Kingdom of Alexander

Thank you very much for another enjoyable trip, this time to Northern Greece. I was fascinated to learn even more about Philip II and Alexander the Great. Once again, my expectations were more than met. There was the mix of good company, fascinating historical sites, comfortable hotels, excellent food, and lovely weather. Our superb local guide and drivers worked with you to make it an excellent and memorable experience

J Wake, Edinburgh

ITALY – Puglia and Basilicata, GREECE – Kingdom of Alexander

Thank you too for two most enjoyable recent trips.Both were excellent as usual with the Italy one slightly slower paced. Highlights for me there were Lecce, Galipoli the cookery lesson and the fabulous food generally. Greece had more serious history and some long days but as usual the SYDER TRAVEL mix was perfect. The trip to Thassos, Dion,the museums in Thessaloniki and especially Phillip’s grave were highlights but every day full of interest. Staying most of the time in one place was a bonus as was a great group, driver and local guide. I hope you will plan further trips to both countries.

Dr H McIntosh, Co.Down, N Ireland,

ETHIOPIA – Historic Abyssinia (Tailor-made Private Tour)

I am writing to tell you how much we enjoyed our travels in Ethiopia. I am sure that we all had slightly different expectations, so the fact that there were no major grouses (the minor ones mostly concerned plumbing!) speaks for the organisation you and Sammy put into the trip.

Sammy was very helpful and a mine of information (often more than we could assimilate!), and the drivers, Hendi and Addis very proficient and safe. It is difficult to pick out highlights from such a varied trip, but two for me were Bati market and Harar. I am so glad we included them. Although I would initially have liked to see more of the rock churches in Tigrai, I think the three we did see were as many as we could handle without cultural overload.

So now it is a matter of reducing my photos to a manageable number!

Thank you from all of us for making our trip such a success.

Mr N Dickens, Devon, UK,

SICILY – The Classical Isle

Thank you very much for yet another very enjoyable trip. I had expected to like Sicily but it exceeded my expectations helped of course by the perfect weather. As usual there was the PST mix of good company, historical sites, comfortable hotels and a feeling of really seeing the country. The food was a real treat as were the wine and olive oil tastings – I love how the Italians take simple, good quality ingredients and make a wonderful meal. Favourite memories are of the walk through the Valley of the Temples, the Palatine Chapel in Palermo and the time in Taormina especially the day up Etna but every day had its highlights. I would certainly be up for another Sicilian or Italian trip but will also keep an eye on your website for other destinations as well.

Dr H McIntosh, Co.Down, N Ireland,

ETHIOPIA and UGANDA – Historic Abyssinia and the Primates of Uganda

I have just returned from an incredible 17 day excursion with Patrick Syder to Ethiopia and Uganda. The trip is arduous due to those countries’ relative inexperience with services for tourists but Patrick made it seamless and pleasurable. I cannot imagine going to that part of Africa with any other company. From Addis Ababa to Lalibela for Ethiopian Orthodox Easter Weekend to the Simien National Park and then to Uganda for tracking chimpanzees and gorillas, I always felt comfortable and I remained in good physical health. Patrick’s constant attention to my safety as we climbed treacherous ruins in Lalibela and hiked through rain forests was very important to me. He had hired the most responsible and gracious guides, drivers and helpers who used excellent judgment in all our moves from place to place. Patrick made sure we had the best available lodging and Land Rovers. He organized our five internal air flights beautifully within Ethiopia and Uganda and handled our luggage transfers seamlessly. This trip is not for the fragile traveller. One needs to be physically fit and emotionally intrepid. Patrick did an excellent job in his pre-trip communiques to us as to what gear we specifically needed to bring with us for our high altitude stops and for the rain forest treks. I have traveled extensively around the world and once previously with Syder Travel to Morocco and I had known of Patrick’s invaluable skills and reputation. But this trip was certainly my most personally challenging……physically and emotionally and he was a step ahead of us the whole way. Always good spirited and enthusiastic, Patrick is at the top of his professional game and I literally entrusted him with my life.

Ethiopia and Uganda provide important links to an understanding of African history and culture and I am so grateful that I was able to go and learn. Syder Travel made it possible and I thank Patrick for that opportunity. One could do no better than to travel with him.

Mrs R Ross, North Carolina, USA,

UZBEKISTAN – Fabled Cities of the Silk Road

It was a fantastic experience and this is really to thank you very much indeed for all you did to make it go so well. As you know, I had been keen to go to the great Silk Road cities for a very long time and they really lived up to all expectations, even exceeding them in some respects, which doesn’t happen very often these days when we see and read so much about them before we ever get to the real thing. It was a super group and it was brilliant that we all got on so well. The way in which you and the superb local guide worked to bring it all together in such an apparently effortless and good-humoured way belied all the hard work and thought that went into it and made it the memorable experience it was

Mr A Cameron, Edinburgh,

GREECE – Sites of the Ancient Greeks

Thank you very much for a most enjoyable trip; the sites were lovely and the museums superb. The timing for the wild flowers was perfect to enhance the already spectacular scenery and as usual the Syder Travel extras added to the experience = the meeting with the Archaeologist who discovered Nemea, the winery visit, stops at the Corinth Canal and Bridge, trips to food and art shops etc. The group was good and Antonis and Daphne contributed hugely to the enjoyment and Daphne helped me a lot to get suitable vegetarian food which showcased authentic Greek dishes. I would certainly be interested if you were doing another trip to Greece

Dr H McIntosh, Co.Down, N Ireland,

SUDAN – Royal Cities of the Nile

Thank you very much for the most wonderful trip. Sudan far exceeded my expectations and was a very well balanced tour. The warmth and friendliness of the people certainly added to the enjoyment everywhere we went. The 2 three night stops made things much easier than moving on every morning and both the desert camp and the resthouse were very comfortable and friendly. The food was healthy and delicious and I especially remember the Sudanese ful at the desert camp. All the picnics were great and I certainly didn’t expect tables and chairs and facilities

Mrs J Thom, Dumfries,

SUDAN – Royal Cities of the Nile

You ended a fabulous tour on a huge high with the excitement of the Whirling Dervish ceremony and then went on for a really nice last night meal. If that is the way you like to do things then I am sure we will be back soon

Mr and Mrs C Bull, Herts,

TUNISIA – Ancient Carthage and Desert Oases

We wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed our trip to Tunisia: interesting sites and towns, lovely company, good hotels, excellent guide …. in total, all went very smoothly in the traditional Syder Travel manner. We look forward to updates about your trips in Spring/Summer 2014. Many thanks

Mr and Mrs A Cragg, Brighton,

Tailor-made Private Journey to ROMANIA

Just arrived back in Bucharest after a most wonderful tour of Romania. It was so much more than we expected, made so special by your guide/driver Stefan. He is without a doubt the best guide we have had in all our travels. His knowledge and passion for his country together with his safe driving made our tour a really enjoyable experience. He went out of his way to take us to places not on the itinerary, we visited a gypsy family where the husband was a tin smith and a police officer in his local town. His wife explained the gypsy way of life(she was a Jehovah’s Witness would you believe?) and gave us food and drink. When we visited a house of a local lady whom he knew; the occupants gave us demonstrations of weaving in the traditional style. The monasteries and castles were amongst the best we have seen in the world. Stefan made us feel special which was greatly appreciated. Thank you for the tour and we look forward to doing another Syder tour in the near future.

Mr and Mrs R Cruickshank, Coffs Harbour, Australia,

Tailor-made Private Journey to IRAN

Sarah and I are safely back in Abu Dhabi. We had a wonderful trip to Iran. Marvellous art, history, archaeology and very friendly atmosphere. We had absolutely no hassles and your guide, Rahman, provided an outstanding service. He was a great guide and friend in Iran. We plan another trip. We were always very well treated and if security were watching we did not notice. The company service was also excellent and our driver, Dayoud, was also outstanding. Many thanks again for organising this trip which like our Libyan trip with you was faultless!

Ms S Shwabsky, Australia,

ETHIOPIA – Easter tour

I have traveled with over 20 different adventure or cultural tour companies, and Syder Travel is one of the best. Accommodations were first rate, and complete meals were provided from varied menus. Patrick Syder’s groups each have no more than 15 participants. I plan to travel with them again very soon!

Ed Lifset,

Read Ed’s feature of the tour here in the International Travel News

BURMA – Along the Irrawaddy

This is to say how much I enjoyed our recent trip. I loved the pagodas, all the little workshops, the temples, the cities, the countryside, the river, the puppets, the Burmese history and the colonial history. It was a very well balanced trip with the restful times – the hotel in Bagan , the river trip and the Inle lake – divided up by the busy times in the cities and at the festival of the New Moon. Also I absolutely loved the food at all the restaurants which you chose for us! Many thanks and until the next time with Syder Travel!

Mrs K Turner, Edinburgh

Yet another smashing trip with plenty of sights, an abundance of experiences and an efficiency behind it all that displays just how well you can make it ‘tick”!

Thanks so much for a splendid Burmese journey – our 22nd trip with Syder Travel!

Mr and Mrs J B Kerr, Cheshire

ETHIOPIA – A Journey through Ethiopia (Three week private journey)

A quickie to say that we are safely home from a fantastic and fascinating trip. THANK you for all your input – Sammy’s arrangements were excellent and Solomon looked after us superbly.

Mr and Mrs J Wakeford, Leighton Buzzard

ALGERIA – Roman Algeria

Thank you again for an absolutely fabulous tour of Algeria. I’ve made over thirty five trips abroad in the past 15 years and your tour ranks among the very top few. Everything was truly outstanding including your varied and detailed itinerary accomodations, meals, and of course our excellent local guide and escort. As well as your personal presence. Your attention to minute detail as well as your personal care shown to each individual in our small well traveled group was most notable. I certainly hope to travel with you again very soon, and will not hesitate to recommend your tours to my friends and fellow adventurers.

Edward Lifset, California

Read Ed’s full review of the Algeria tour in the International Travel News

ETHIOPIA – Tribes of the Omo Valley

I wanted to say thank you very much for organizing the trip to Ethiopia for us, it was utterly amazing! As each day passes I become more wrapped up in the memory of it all, and I am already busy creating new artworks that I hope will capture some of the spirit of the trip. Thank you so much for making the experience possible!

Mrs R Hayton, London (Artist in Residence www.rachelgadsden.com)

TUNISIA AND LIBYA – From Carthage to Leptis Magna

Thank you again for the wonderful tour – excellently organised, most enjoyable and highly memorable. The guides you use are the best I have come across in my many years’ of travel! The additional effort you put into arranging our accommodation and sightseeing pre and post tour was exemplary, everything went so smoothly..thank you. I am already eyeing your Algeria tour!

Ms S Pearce, Melbourne

ALBANIA – The Land of Eagles

A wonderful trip that changed our perceptions of Albania, a country full of beautiful landscapes, captivating history and charming local peoples. We especially enjoyed the relaxed pace of your tour and the small group size (most operators claim this but rarely demonstrate it!) allowing for plenty of time to fully appreciate the surroundings still as yet untouched by tourism. You chose some wonderful restaurants too! Many thanks for a great trip and here’s to the next one with Syder Travel.

Mr A and Mrs R MacDowall, Bristol

SYRIA – Crusader Castles and Desert Cities

“Thank you Patrick for another Team Syder adventure to Syria. Superb organisation and a guide who knew far more than any reference book and magically whisked us through all the bureaucracy at Damascus airport. We saw Crusader castles, Monasteries, old Cities and so much more. The highlight for many of us was the visit to Seidnaya and its Greek Orthodox Convent where a Nun recited The Lord’s Pray in Aramaic closely followed by walking through the ruins of Palmyra by moonlight”

Mrs D. Harman, Surrey

MOROCCO – Walking in the High Atlas

“Once again we have to thank you for a most enjoyable tour superbly managed from the highlights of Marrakech and the magic of the evenings activity in the Jemaa El Fna Square to the tranquility of the High Atlas. The mountain routes were expertly planned by Mohamed (what a delight he was!) together with the team of muleteers to provide a most satisfactory day’s walking within the capability of the group. We thoroughly enjoyed the varied and spectacular scenery, the fascinating glimpses of village life and those oh so well chosen pic-nic sites. We will always remember the astonishment of everyone when our first amazing lunch appeared- seemingly from nowhere- but they just got better and better! All this combined with a mule to carry our rucksacks and occasionally us across rivers together with carefully planned accommodation added up to a most memorable trip. Here’s to the next time”

Dr & Mrs W J Bowyer, West Sussex

UZBEKISTAN – Fabled Cities of the Silk Road

“We are experienced independent travellers but appreciate the benefit of informed guides, and having local travel and accommodation arrangements taken care of. Our internet research suggested Patrick Syder’s tour of Uzbekistan offered an excellent match with what we wanted to see – but unfortunately there was no Syder tour planned for the time we wanted to travel (October 2008). A rather optimistic email enquiry established that Patrick could arrange a tour using his local guides, even though he would not be there himself – initially for my wife and myself, but in the end for a group of six as four friends also joined us. We had a very successful tour for which we are extremely grateful – all the organisational details were taken care of, we were informed by experts, and we came away with a wonderful visual and mental image of this fascinating country.”

Mr M.Gough, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND

Turkey and Syria – Cradle of the Faiths

Every day of the tour had its own highlights, but the balloon flight over Cappadocia and the Whirling Dervishes at Konya were very special! May/June was a perfect time to go too with all those beautiful wild flowers. Many many thanks – the combination of Patrick, Fatih and Turkey are hard to beat!

Dr H McIntosh, N Ireland

Uzbekistan – Fabled Cities of the Silk Road

Many thanks for a wonderful trip – I enjoyed it enormously and it was everything I had hoped for and more. The hotels were great and Zamira, our guide, was amazing with her ability to recall all that information. I will be telling everyone I know about you and your company and I look forward to joining you again.

Ms S Goodson, Pembrokeshire

Jordan – Treasures of Jordan (Private Group, April 2008)

Everything was superbly organised from the airport pick up where we were whisked through the system, to the final drop off where check in and baggage were sorted out before we even got to the airport. Every stage of the holiday was better than we expected and the local guide, driver and agency rep could not have done more for us. The inclusive items were genuinely inclusive (no extras) and when we needed something it was there for us.

Jordan was a fascinating country and we definitely felt that Patrick’s organisation just made the whole experience even more enjoyable, enabling us to explore without any concerns at all. Next time we want an adventure in a country where we don’t fully understand the culture or the language we will definitely book through Patrick.

M Beacham, Sussex

Libya – Lost Cities of the Roman Empire

Patrick Syder’s trip to Libya was an enriching experience in an extraordinary country, enhanced by superb organization.

K Lye FRGS, London

Uzbekistan – Fabled Cities of the Silk Road

We would both like to thank you for arranging and escorting our party to Uzbekistan. We found the whole adventure exciting and most enjoyable. Our party traveled well together and we enjoyed their company so much. Many of our preconceptions about the country had to be revised – we learnt so much – reading about unknown countries and actually experiencing them can be very different. Our guide, Tim, was superb in every respect – if you have the pleasure of travelling with him again please pass on our good wishes for his future career. If anyone should contact you for the first time and would like to hear from anyone who has traveled with you please feel free to give our details to them as we would be delighted to reassure them that they are in extremely safe hands.

C and G Bowers, Yorkshire

Vietnam and Cambodia, Ancient Kingdoms of Indo-China

For anyone considering one of Patrick’s holidays I want to say the organisation was seamless, the itinerary superb, the local guides were first class and the hotels of the highest standard. Also in Cambodia we wanted to visit a site that wasn’t originally included in the itinerary and Patrick kindly arranged this for us all. As a single traveller I wondered what the group would be like but I need not have had any worries, as they all were extremely welcoming. The adventure was amazingly good value for money and I plan many more Syder days over the next few years.

D.Harman, Surrey

Yemen – Sheba’s Ancient Land

Just to say … what a wonderful trip it was, and thank you so much for organising everything so well – it was just great. Yemen exceeded all my expectations, it really is such an amazing and exciting country and unlike anywhere I have ever been, particularly Sana’a. Hope to travel with you again some time soon.

H. Barton, London

Syria – Crusader Castles and Desert Cities

Thank you, thank you, for a wonderful trip to Syria. Now I’m home, there are so many different aspects of the tour going round in my head! The wonderful food, incredible sites and such welcoming people. You & Ghiath made a terrific team!

G. Macrae, Yorkshire

Morocco, Walking in the High Atlas

“My enduring memories will be of the peace and grandeur of the mountains and the kindness and skill of our superb Berber guide and muleteers. An utterly memorable holiday.”

S Goulden, Tunbridge Wells

Libya, Lost Cities of the Roman Empire

“Libya lived up to all expectations and more. Salem and Yousef were both delightful and professional, Yousef’s knowledge made each step a voyage of discovery; he was exceptional. Very many thanks for a wonderful trip. We look forward to joining you again for Ethiopia next March.”

L and M Stackpool, Sydney

“An excellent tour with an exceptional local escort and guide team throughout”

Dr B Ireland, Co Antrim

“An excellent tour and very happy with the local guides who were well-informed and always keen to help. Salem our escort was very helpful both with day-to-day arrangements and general information regarding modern day Libya.”

R Reckitt, London

“An excellent trip with plenty of time to visit the sites and superb home-cooked Berber food.”

C Miller, London

Libya, Lost Cities of the Roman Empire

“Never have I taken such a well-planned, well-organised trip, nor one that I enjoyed more. We wasted no time and saw everything but never felt rushed. You gave us more than your brochure promised. The guides you chose were superb. Would I take another Patrick Syder Travel tour? I’d love to. Would I recommend it to my friends? I already have and will continue to do so!”

C. Thompson, Toronto

“An extremely well planned itinerary and well organised on the ground with excellent local guides and escort. The quality and quantity of food was more than a pleasant surprise! Thank you for a most memorable ten days!”

J and R Hamilton, London

“We both thank you for the excellent tour you arranged for us in Libya and have just posted our completed booking forms for your Lebanon adventure in September!”

R and S Watts, Co Fermanagh

Ethiopia, Ancient Easter Festivals

“The tour exceeded all expectations with some experiences I would consider the best in my life – the Good Friday procession in Axum and the Easter vigil in the ancient church at Lalibela. Travelling with you and Samson was fun and relaxing but equally highly informative. Couldn’t have asked for a better trip! I am already very interested in travelling to Yemen with you next February.”

B Martinez Creel, California

“Comprehensive itinerary encompassing the fascinating and little known rites and rituals of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Colourful people, mesmerising ceremonial dancing and music, stunning scenic drives made for great photography.”

E Smolenska, London

“The tour offered great value for money with a varied itinerary and covering a lot of ground. We had a fabulous time. Ethiopia is a great country with many surprises including the rain and the greenness! Our guide Samson was excellent with endless patience and energy.”

J Chevin and J Reeves, Surrey

“The tour greatly, indeed hugely exceeded our wildest dreams. Camping in the Simien National Park was truly memorable, the views from the campsite truly awe inspiring and the incredibly good food served by your camp cook. Ethiopia is a truly fabulous land.”

J and S Dolman, Worcestershire

Tunisia, Ancient Carthage and Desert Oases

“Just to say how much I appreciated your excellent tour to a country of manifold delights that such few people seem to know about. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the adventure and it was a pleasure to travel along such a well-honed route with everything going to plan.”

R. Cunnighame, Ayrshire

“A really interesting trip, very varied and a good opportunity to see different elements of the country I knew little about. An excellent guide, tour manager and driver team that worked hard for the group. El Djem museum is outstanding!! Fascinating and varied Roman sites. Looking forward to travelling with you again!”

M. Bebb, London

“Before this trip, every one of our previous five holidays with Syder Travel had fully lived up to our expectations. Similarly, the Tunisian tour takes its place among them. Well-chosen, knowledgeable guide and flexible itinerary to allow additional unscheduled stops and covering all major areas of attraction, providing variety and fascinating insights into this historically interesting but little known Mediterranean country”

B and N Kerr, Cheshire

“A superb tour due to Patrick’s excellent choice of local guide and driver and his personal knowledge of the country. I really enjoyed my first trip to Africa”

V.Parr, Vancouver

Libya, Lost Cities of the Roman Empire

“A wonderful history lesson combined with exposure to a culture not over-run with tourists and with minimum hassle. Our guide Yussef made the trip and is Syder Travel’s unique selling point!!”

A and C Lichfield, Middlesex

“The Libyan guide Yussef’s knowledge is incredible and such a delightful character too. His input alone made this tour the success it was. Syder Travel has designed the perfect tour and a good value one too, considering everything is included.”

A Laird, London

Ethiopia, Ancient Lands of Abyssinia

“A magical country made even more so by the faultless expertise of the Syder Travel team……….thank you so much……….we are already looking forward to our next Syder Travel trip”

R and K Lane, Norfolk

“Ethiopia exceeded all expectations. Exceptional value for money, excellent organisation and planning and a fabulous guide!”

A Binder, Bucks

“We were highly impressed by Patrick’s organisational ability, particularly his handling of our early arrival before the start of the tour in Adds Ababa. Highly recommended to others booking from outside the UK”

H and H Leggatt, South Africa

Uzbekistan Tour, Fabled Cities of the Silk Road

“An absolutely wonderful holiday that far exceeded expectations. Excellent hotels and imaginative vegetarian restaurant dinners. Otabek, our Uzbek guide, was outstanding. Thank you for all the ‘extras’ – markets, cotton harvest, metro ride, minaret climbs, rooftop photography and winery visit!”

H McINTOSH, N Ireland

“A wonderful tour, excellent tour leader and guide team, and very comfortable hotels. I loved the holiday and would recommend it highly”


“A fascinating tour which exceeded our expectations. Well paced too, so that we didn’t get ‘mosque overload’. The family party was a highlight and an insight into local culture! Otabek was outstanding as our guide.”

A & J CRAGG, London

“I enjoyed the tour enormously. Well balanced, excellent choice of guide, hotels and restaurant dinner venues. Many thanks”

M JACKSON, Tonbridge

Libya Tour, Classic Libya

“Patrick and his team seemed to organise everything effortlessly which made for an exciting and hassle-free trip”

H & A HERRING, Derbyshire

“Thank you for an outstanding holiday with you, excellent in every way.”

J & R SOMERVILLE, Perthshire

“Patrick and Yussef have given us an incredible insight into the stunning Classical cities of Libya. Well-planned itinerary with plenty of time to explore sites at one’s own pace having learnt so much from Yussef earlier in the day.”


“The reason for choosing the tour was the superb itinerary – two days at Leptis, full day in Cyrene and outstanding local guides – no US operator offers these incentives! A terrific tour, thank you”

C JACOB, New Jersey

Tunisia and Libya, Private Tour

“Patrick – The Metzger Harvey and Berzin families want to thank you for a wonderful trip to Tunisia and Libya. It more than met our expectations and we will remember it for many years, if not forever. You knew how to accommodate my 88 year-old mother and Peter, age 10. All the while you kept the “grown-ups” interested and engaged. The local guides were charming and informative and the accommodations were just what we wanted in a cost/benefit trade off. We wouldn’t say good-by but rather see you soon. We look forward to a trip to Petra and/or other Middle East locations.”


Jordan Tour, Classic Jordan

“Our first trip with Syder Travel although Patrick had been our tour leader before. This previous experience taught us that we would be in safe hands. Our outstanding local guide (Murad), fascinating archaeological sites, first class hotels and food, and like-minded travel companions coupled with Patrick’s obvious love of Jordan and it’s people all combined to make a memorable journey through Jordan. Nothing was too much trouble for Patrick and Murad which leads us to say that we would unreservedly recommend Syder travel to anyone wanting to travel to more unusual locations with all major sites covered in depth.”

G.BOWERS, N Yorkshire

Morocco Tour, Imperial Cities

“I so enjoyed this tour of friendly, hospitable Morocco. The six of us plus Patrick, our knowledgeable and kind guide Rashid and excellent driver Youssef soon became firm friends. Being a small group gave us easy mobility, whether exploring the fascinating souks, grand monuments or atmospheric old kasbahs. The contrasting beauty of the mysterious desert and awesome Atlas Mountains was spectacular. I am looking forward to returning to these on the Walking tour next June 2006 with Syder Travel.”


Libya Tour, Lost Cities of the Roman Empire – February 2005

“Thank you for a really superb trip. I can’t bear that its over – everyday was much too short. I am still in a good state of over whelmingness. You had planned a seriously good itinerary – the balance was perfect. Looking back it was a constant supply of treats and pleasures And the total charm and kindness of the people themselves. JUST WONDERFUL”

P. GRAHAM, London

“What a great holiday – so well planned and executed. We were all very impressed by the itinerary Syder Travel had put together for us. It will stay with me for a very long time – especially Leptis and Cyrene – they really are extraordinary and to see them, as we did, with so few fellow tourists was a treat indeed. I will certainly be travelling with Syder Travel again”

LADY L. SHAW STEWART, Renfrewshire

“The tour far outreached my expectations – superbly organised and professionally led by Patrick with his hand picked team of expert local guides – thank you Syder Travel”

J. BOURNE, London

“Our main reason for joining Syder Travel tours is Patrick’s knack of choosing the best guides. No change here – excellent guides, particularly Yussef, an outstanding character and incredible knowledge. Fabulous sites and equally well-chosen restaurant dinners!”

A. MacDOWALL, Bristol

Libya Tour, Lost Cities of the Roman Empire – November 2004

“Just to say a big thank you very much for organising such a well planned trip. Chris and I loved it – we were fascinated by the archaeological sites and by the Berber/Libyan houses. The whole experience with desert, sand storms, locusts, Ramadan, Libyans, Gadhaffi murals were unlike anything else we had ever done. The thing that was most important was the knowledge and enthusiasm of our guides – especially the Professor. That made the visits.”

K & C Turner, Edinburgh

“It was a marvellous trip, and lived up to all my expectations. Thank you very much for the organisation, which went like clockwork and care you took. Our second trip to Leptis Magna was just as marvellous as the first. What a successful holiday, thank you again.”

C & C McEachran, Edinburgh

“Many thanks for such an enjoyable and interesting introduction to Libya. Our second visit to Leptis was a particular highlight among many highlights. The weather cleared up into a bright and breezy day – perfect for exploring the sites along the shore, accompanied by crashing waves. They certainly knew a thing or two about choosing locations, these ancients! The local Professor was a wonderful bonus to the tour. Looking forward to Uzbekistan. Sounds fascinating.”

J & C Cragg, London

“Another perfectly planned and organised tour to another fascinating country from your portfolio of exotic and ancient lands. Thank you for such a wonderful experience. Fantastic guides.”

S. Goulden, Tunbridge Wells

“My first of many anticipated tours with Syder Travel. An altogether professional and highly organised trip to a country I have previously lived for a time when under entirely different rule. It was wonderful to return to see how it has developed yet still retaining its own culture and pride. The Roman and Greek remains are superlative, the best I have ever seen and nobody else there!”

M. Jackson, Tonbridge

“Syder Travel has given us a great holiday and fascinating insight into the amazing country of Libya with its exciting (and unknown to the outside world) ancient sites. A joy to meet such interesting and informative local guides, which enabled an in-depth understanding of a country and its history, both past and present.”

A. Stratton, Buckingham

Easter in Ethiopia

“This is the fourth tour we have made with Patrick. His application to ensure a worry and trouble-free holiday can’t be faulted. His choice of National and local guides is invariably sound”

B & N Kerr, Stockport

“This tour gave, in two weeks, a plentiful flavour of Ethiopian life, culture and the archaeological treasures of this poor but fascinating country. The trip fully exceeded my expectations.”

M Wilson, Swansea

“Excellent choice of itinerary that packed all the important sites into the time available. A busy tour suited to those who enjoy an active holiday, but always given the choice to opt-out. The four nights in Lalibela allowed a wonderful mid-tour break allowing the extra-included visits to local houses, families and schools.”

R Burfitt, London

“Absolutely delightful tour, difficult to see how this trip could be improved. I’ve been on over twenty tours to remote areas with various companies and this was the best organised of the lot. Everything went like clockwork. No delays or sudden changes of plan. Excellent tour leader who did everything possible to keep us happy. Pleasant and authoritative local guide.”

After leaving Heathrow I never once had to lift my suitcase. The trip cost really was ‘all-inclusive’. Apart from a small amount for tips, no other expenditure was involved. Always kept well supplied with water. No ‘local payment ‘or hidden costs.

R Howgego, Surrey

“A thoroughly enjoyable trip with a very interesting group of well-travelled and like-minded people. We were well served by the high standard of the Ethiopian guide and unflappable nature of our tour leader Patrick. We particularly enjoyed the extra visits to the Lalibela school, meeting local families in their traditional houses and the children at the Addis orphanage.”

E & O Bott, Chester

“The fascinating Easter church ceremonies with their combination of colour, music and chanting makes this a particularly atmospheric time to visit this biblical country. Superb organisation from the UK and quality Ethiopian team made this a truly memorable holiday.”

S Price


“Safety was a prime concern for us when booking this trip, with current political coverage in the ME. From the moment we entered the arrivals hall at Amman we felt the friendliness and warmth of the Jordanian people. Our Jordanian guide, Zohair, was outstanding in knowledge and experience, and Patrick worked with great care and consideration to ensure our continual enjoyment and relaxation. An extremely well organised trip and we especially enjoyed our under the stars camping experience plus the flexibility of being able to extend our trip to include some rest and relaxation in Aqaba at the end.”

E Krell & N Schaaf, USA

“Another fabulous holiday with PST, my fifth. Patrick’s input is continually over and above the call of duty, but it is his love of Jordan and its people that makes this trip such a winner. Our friend and guide Zohair gave an outstanding performance as always. I cannot recommend this tour highly enough to anybody who wants the guarantee of a super trip to such a fascinating country as Jordan.”

A Stratton, Bucks

“Thank you, Patrick, for organising everything so well for us to be able to get the best out of Jordan and its wonderful sights. To finally visit Petra was a childhood dream come true. It was stimulating yet so relaxed, which is the ideal holiday.”

P Bowcock, Oxon

“Thank you for the splendid experience of Jordan. A truly magical trip made perfect by the excellent organisation and great company. I’m sure I’ll be joining another of your fascinating trips before long.”

J Lloyd, N Yorks


“Patrick demonstrated a superlative knowledge of Jordan’s history and culture. His friends and contacts in Jordan pulled out all the stops to make this holiday a trip of a lifetime.”

J Pontifex, Farnham

“A sensational guide/tour manager team ensures this trip guaranteed success every time. With Patrick’s knowledge, contacts and small group philosophy you are guaranteed very special treatment and exceptional value.”

C Adams, Buckinghamshire

“This is my third trip with Patrick Syder Travel and each trip has been to perfection. The depth of Zohair’s (our Jordanian guide) knowledge coupled with Patrick’s outstanding organisational skills makes this tour a unique experience at unbeatable value.”

A Stratton, Tyringham


“One of our most memorable and enjoyable holidays ever. Such diverse experiences from geological, cultural and social viewpoints. With Patrick’s experience and our guide Samson’s knowledge we were able to get closer to the people and reality. The small size of the party, and the way the group gelled made for convenient transportation and flexible arrangements so we were able to see what we wanted.”

A & R Wills – Pitlochry

“If you love Africa you will love Ethiopia. A fascinating, spectacular and stunning country with outgoing cheerful people despite their abject poverty. Outstanding rock-hewn churches in Llalibela were the highlight. Patrick Syder Travel performed to its usual excellent standards and our guide, Samson, was of the highest grade.”

A Stratton – Tyringham

“Our trip to Ethiopia was especially enjoyable as we were a small group and extra visits could be added to our daily itinerary at a moment’s notice. This gave us the opportunity to see the real Ethiopia first hand and visit peoples homes, schools, monasteries etc. which would have been impossible with a large number of tourists.”

P & G Gowlett – Cambridge

Syria and Lebanon Tour

“The tour reached 100% expectations and in addition there were extra visits (e.g. Wine tasting) which enhanced the trip even more. Overall an excellent tour.”

B & N Kerr, Stockport

“The tour leader handled everything with a sure touch and without drama.”

J Climbo, Sidcup

“An excellent value tour with stunning sights, superb food, high standard of accommodation and caring leader/guide team.”

S Goulden, Tunbridge Wells

“A very well organised and researched holiday.”

I & M Black, Farnborough

“A fascinating trip to two peaceful countries with such charming and friendly hosts – shame on the misguided Western media who portray these countries so wrongly.”

A Stratton, Tyringham

Classic Jordan

“Patrick’s experience and enthusiasm for this country, it’s people and it’s culture made a good trip brilliant. We are already booked for Syria and Lebanon 2003.”

S Goulden, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

“An all together fascinating country made more so by Patrick’s knowledge and respect for the people of Jordan. A highly recommended operator, giving individual attention and thoroughly well organised. My third tour with Patrick.”
A Stratton, Tyringham

“Patrick is a highly professional tour manager with huge respect for Jordan’s culture, people and antiquities. It is always a pleasure to work with him.”
Sami Hasanat, Tour Guide, Wadi Musa, Jordan

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