About Patrick


Patrick enjoying a relaxing mint tea in Chefchaouen, Morocco

Patrick began his travels in Southern Africa in 1989 and for a number of years worked in roles as diverse as a mining geologist in South Africa and as a film extra in Zimbabwe. After witnessing the historic release of Nelson Mandela in Cape Town, February 1990 he spent a year travelling in a VW campervan across Southern Africa before returning to the UK, re-training with a postgraduate diploma and joining the travel industry.

He soon returned to Africa leading numerous tours for a leading UK adventure travel company and quickly re-discovered the heritage and beauty of the continent. Patrick went on to establish his own travel consultancy in 2002; Syder Travel, planning and leading trips throughout the world, for 20 very successful years. He is also a keen travel photographer and his work is regularly featured by Lonely Planet, Getty Images and the Royal Geographical Society.

2 comments on “About Patrick

  1. Patrick…just a little hello from your past….we have just been re-reading our journal of a journey we made with you to Syria and Jordan in 1995. Now we are 75 and 78 and health problems have stopped our wanderlust, but we’d like to thank you again for being one of the best and most memorable of all the tour leaders we ever met. Best wishes from Gus and Bobbie Kaye.

  2. Dear Gus and Robbie, I was touched by your very kind gesture to write such kind words after 25 years!!. I will forever remember my time in Syria and Jordan as one of the most enjoyable and certainly most fascinating regions of the world and at such a different time when peace and hope for the future were at the fore. My best wishes to you both and thank you for taking the time to write. Stay safe Patrick

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