About Us


Patrick enjoying a relaxing mint tea in Chefchaouen, Morocco

Patrick Syder is a graduate of Geology and holds a postgraduate qualification in Environmental Tourism. Elected a Fellow of The Royal Geographical Society in February 1996, he has 23 years experience leading cultural tours throughout the world particularly in the ancient Near East and Islamic Africa. As a tour manager freelancing for several leading cultural and adventure travel specialists he has led over 400 tours in over 60 countries.

Previously Patrick was based in Southern Africa for a number of years working in roles as diverse as a Mining Geologist in South Africa and as a film extra in Zimbabwe before returning to the UK and joining the travel industry. He soon returned to Africa leading numerous tours for a leading UK adventure travel company and quickly re-discovered the heritage and beauty of the continent. Patrick went on to establish his own travel consultancy in 2003 and he continues to lead trips throughout the world but Africa, particularly Ethiopia, remains one of his favourite destinations. He is also a keen travel photographer and his work is regularly featured by Lonely Planet, Getty Images and the Royal Geographical Society.

The tours offered here are the result of this experience, the well-established network of contacts built and comprehensive knowledge of local conditions learnt. Backed up with a working knowledge of Arabic, and a natural flair for travel photography his tours are an interesting proposition for any discerning traveller.

Book with Confidence in the knowledge that Patrick Syder Travel operates in accordance with UK legislation providing financial protection for the customer and that all flights can be booked through an ATOL bonded flight agent.

Syder Travel offers a diverse range of escorted cultural tours with an emphasis on history and appreciation of the natural and traditional aspects of each country visited. Now in its thirteenth year of operation, Syder Travel has built its success on the quality of the expert guides it employs and its meticulously well-planned tours. This is something repeatedly commented on throughout the testimonials received from many clients returning to book again and again.

Each tour is escorted from London by Patrick based on a minimum group size, usually six or eight, depending on the destination. A small group size is key to Syder Travel’s success and is strictly kept to a maximum of twelve passengers. Tours can normally operate with a minimum of four passengers and be escorted locally. Patrick has carefully built up an unrivalled and select team of specialist local guides who have worked with him for many years now. Each is expert in his or her own field and accompanies the tour from start to finish.

Syder Travel tours for the Autumn season of 2017 cover a wonderfully diverse cultural and geographical range from Africa (Sudan, Madagascar, Ethiopia) through Asia (Nepal, Sri Lanka) to Europe (Bulgaria, Greece, The Baltic States and Turkish Cyprus)

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